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Author Bio
Michelle McKinney Hammond
Michelle McKinney Hammond

Michelle McKinney Hammond is the author of over 30 books on living, loving, and overcoming. She is the President and Founder of HeartWing Ministries, which hosts annual DIVA Weekend Getaway Conferences. As a relationship and empowerment coach, internationally known speaker, singer and television co–host, it is Michelle's mission and passion to help women and men to first be intimately connected to God and then empowered to become their personal best in order to experience victory in every area of their lives.

Michelle's ministry began many years ago when she suffered a devastating leg injury from being hit by a car. The accident was a spiritual turning point, a wake up call to embrace her purpose and fulfill her destiny. Those bedridden months gave her time to complete her first bestselling book, What to Do Until Love Finds You.

Michelle eventually left behind her career as an advertising art director/writer/producer for clients such as Coca Cola USA, McDonald's Corporation, Ford Motor Company, and others, to speak to audiences, encouraging people to fulfill their God–given purpose in life.

This redefined DIVA, her acronym for Divine Inspiration for Victorious Attitude, is known for "keeping it real." She addresses real–life issues with candor and wit, answering the hard questions with sensitivity and empathy. Michelle's passion is to give relevant and workable solutions to people's questions based on timeless spiritual truths. To find out more about Michelle log on to www.michellehammond.com.

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Divanomics Book Release Soiree at the Loft on Lake

Loft on Lake
1366 W. Lake St.

Chicago, IL 60607